Business Competition
The Cool Initiatives Education Challenge
  Cool Initiatives is looking for innovative and creative education technology ideas that are still in the early stages of development.

We’re excited by projects that make our school administration systems and processes more efficient, or that drive new ways of teaching and learning. In our ever-changing world, education matters more than it ever has; we want to unearth new tools and platforms that make the education process slicker and more engaging, allowing teachers to do what they do best – teach!

So if you've got a great idea, why not enter our competition - it's easy to enter, there's no cost and you could win £10,000.  If you don't want to enter the competition but still want to talk to us, please contact us at


  Winner - £10,000

Runner-up - £5,000

All other finalists - £500
How to enter
The Cool Initiatives Education Challenge is open for applications from 16/01/18 to 28/02/18.

It’s free to enter and the process is very straightforward. 

We’re using the f6s platform to manage the business competition applications – here’s how it works:

1. Click on the link below.

2. Create an account – just enter your email address and chosen password, then your first name and surname.

3. You’ll then be directed to the business competition entry form.

4. Enter your contact details under questions 1-6.

5. Questions 7-10 ask you to describe your project/business – each answer can be up to 1200 characters.

6. Question 11 (optional) allows you to add a link to a short video or slide deck.
Don’t worry, we’re not expecting Hollywood quality, a YouTube smartphone video will be fine!

7. If you log out, anything you’ve entered will be saved.  You can then log back in at any time (just use the link below) and update your application.

8. To submit your entry, click “CONNECT WITH COOL INITIATIVES” at the bottom of the application page.

So to enter the business competition, please  CLICK HERE .

Good luck!

​Detailed terms and conditions are available here: