Business Competition
The Cool Initiatives Education Challenge
The Cool Initiatives Education Challenge 2019 will soon be launched. Keep an eye on this page, or follow us on twitter/facebook to be updated as soon as the news is out.
This year's competition will have some slightly different rules, but you will still have the chance to win up to £10k cash with no strings attached.
Whether you have already started developing your startup or just have the ideas that could turn into something great for education, we will want to hear from you!

The Cool Initiatives Education Challenge 2018 was our first business competition, and the Grand Final of the competition was held in Lincoln on 18th May 2018.  The six finalists presented their ideas with passion and professionalism and helped to showcase some of the great work that’s going on in the EdTech sector.
Picking winners from such a talented but eclectic bunch proved to be very difficult, but the judges were very impressed with this year’s winner: Flash Academy, represented by Veejay Lingiah. Flash Academy is a new platform for schools that supports teachers to deliver learning for pupils that don’t have English as their first language.  The judges felt that Veejay clearly demonstrated the problem - and a solution.  Runner-up was Edval Timetables, represented by Chris Cooper; Edval are the self-proclaimed “Masters of Timetabling” and the judges felt that they could be a really disruptive force in the UK education sector.

You can contact the Cool Initiatives team at our contact us page.
To find out more about our finalists, click on the links below: